Saturday, 25 October 2008

Looks of the Week

Love love love both of these. I would so wear them myself. Also, I want their hair!!!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Looks of the week

1. LC- this outfit is so simple, but what makes it great is those studded Christian Louboutin boots, oh how I love them. LC is def developing a great sense of style, and this look is far from her 'pretty dress look'.
2. Posh- I wish I looked this great at the airport. How she could get comfortable in those leather leggings I will not know, but hey, if shes comfortable thens it's a thumbs up from me. I just love how this look would look quite normal with jeans, but with those leather trousers, shes transforms it onto a very fashion forward look.
3. Vanessa- I just love how mini dresses with long sleeves look. Sexy but without looking too over exposed. Love it. I just need to find the perfect one now.
4. Posh again- Finally, what can I say. An amazing lace dress and those CL for Rodarte, to die for! I love it when Posh steps away from her pencils skirts and plain dresses. This def puts her into the style icon catergory.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

My Ultimate!

Where I live, there are few men with style, therefore, a girl has to drool over magazine shoots like the above. Some may call him a boy, but hes all man in this picture, one trendy man. I love this look on Zac Efron, the styling is impeccable from the hair to the amazing silver shades. Take note girls, lets get our men dressing like so.

Caged up!

Once again, another shoe post! Nothing to say about them really, apart from the fact that I want them and for a bargain £35, theres no real reason why I souldn't buy them. I am wondering when I will get over strappy shoes though, but you can't really have enough...can you?

Friday, 3 October 2008

Topshop over Primark!

I posted earlier about the Gucci knock off's in Primark, but still no luck.....BUT....thanks to good old Topshop I have just purchased these knock off boots! Can't wait to get them through the post. Sadly, they have sold out online, but for those who can't resist do keep checking, they may re-stock!