Sunday, 31 August 2008

Get the Look: Gucci Fringe boots!

These Gucci Fringe boots are set to be a big hit this season, with the gold studs making them different from boots we have seen in past seasons. However, if you can't afford the £640 price tag why not pop down to Topshop and grab these flat fringe boots that are a very good copy for a fraction of the price.

4 women, 4 looks- you decide!

Here are 4 different party looks that I would wear. Which is your favourite?

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Jeans and tee combo!

LC was out and about with her tag along sidekick Lo looking WOW in simple blue jeans and a white deep V tee with great accessories incuding YSL tribute sandals and Chanel bag. I would so rock this look and it is great for both the day and night. Another similar look was worn by Nicole Richie whilst housing hunting in the Holywood Hills. Love the Loub shoes!

Would you wear this as a night time look?

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Lauren Conrad In Cavalli

When I saw this floral print dress on the catwalk I was trying to guess who would be first to wear it, LC didn't come to mind. It's nice to see her wearing a piece that's not from her own collection. Love the dress, and love it on her. 10/10!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Black Boots!

I think every girl should have a list of necessary items in her wardbrobe, and one of those items should be black knee high boots (and no not pointed/ stiletto heeled/ tacky boots). I have been looking everywhere for the perfect pair, but having not found one yet, I am thinking should I settle for these Topshop ones. I tried them on yesterday and they are the perfect fit around my calf, have a subtle slouch around the ankle and the heel height is perfect. But are they just too plain? Help me!

VS does shoes???

Having visited the US numerous times, it is pretty obvious that Victoria Secret's is huge! However, living across the pond, I never knew that they stocked shoes, or anything apart from lingerie for that matter, so when I did my daily browsing of and, I was delighted to see them both blogging about these beauties. I was even more delighted to realised that VS ships to the UK, wahay!

So I've been sitting her for the last 15 mins trying to decide whether or not to order them? Yes or no?

Finally Arrived!

Those leather leggings that we have all been lusting over are finally going to be yours sometime this week (I'm guessing tomorrow). Yes, TOPSHOP.COM has finally announced that they will be releasing their 'most wanted' leather leggings from the UNIQUE range this week. Remember, the website gets updated at 6am, so set your alarms as these are set to be a sell out!

Monday, 18 August 2008

My love for BALMAIN!

I don't think I can really say much about this collection, the photos say it all.

Mutton dressed as Lamb?

Madonna celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday and celebrated with hubby Guy. She was seen out wearing an amazing Givenchy necklace but the rest of her outfit was somewhat questionable. Seeing as my mother is 50+ I'm not sure I would want to see her supporting this look. Is it time Madonna gave up trying to hold onto her youth?

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Topshop- Tux Deluxe!

Whilst browsing through the latest Look Magazine, I came across Topshop's latest line called Tux Deluxe. 5 limited edition Tux Jackets for this season, from plain black to snake skin print but my fav has to be the fabulous Jacquard tux. Lets hope they are available in my local Topshop or online otherwise I'll be screwing.

p.s. Currently looking to find some photos of them, but so far unsuccesful!

Major Ruffles!

LC looked delightfully girly with a black ruffle high waisted skirt and simple green top. Though the look is a bit too girly for me and slightly too glam for the day time, I can't deny that she looks great! Thoughts?

Sunday, 10 August 2008

The Love for Black Sequins...

The Love for Black sequins is very prominent in my wardrobe, infact any coloured sequins, but black are my favourite. If added correctly they can lift any outfit, but beware of over-tacky looking sequins, I sure have been a victim. Anyhow I'm bored, and browsing the Topshop website (I know, I don't have anything better to do) and came across this delightful sequin playsuit. But, problem number one, being a size 12 (US8) makes me think that I shouldn't even attempt to wear a playsuit without wanting to look atleast a stone heavier and secondly, over-shiny sequins will add to that extra stone, making me look atleast a stone and a half heavier. So why is it, that despite knowing these facts I still crave this little number. Either I lose a stone and then buy it, or I buy it and wear it like I have been imagining, with black opaque tights, boyfriend blazer and cute flat shoes. I think neither option is the correct one, but oh-well a girl can still dream!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Mary Kate's is an Elle UK Covergirl!

Living in the UK means you rarely come across magazines with any of the Olsen twin's on the cover, so I was very excited when I spotted September's Elle! Slightly disappointed with the number of photos from the shoot, but overall it's a good read. Log onto to watch behind the scene videos from the shoot that took place in NYC and hear MK talk about fashion.


Anyone who knows me, knows I love shoes with loads of straps and these Office ones are n exception. I remeber seeing similar ones by Jeffrey Campbell on my recent New York trip, stupidly I didn't purchase. But thanks to Office I can get my shoe fix once again!

Backcombing to the extreme!

My fav GG star Blake was seen on the sets supporting a rather unusual 'birds nest' hair do. Whilst it looks very wild, I can't help but like it alot, and am wondering how I can do that to my own hair. If anyone has any ideas, do let me know.

Her amazing dress was also hard to miss, and with green being one of my fav colours I can't help but wish for the same dress. Ooo aren't you excited for the new series to start, I sure am!

Love Hate Relationship!

At the age of 21, never did I think that jealously would over-come me when I saw stars younger than myself, or never did I believe that I would be one of the fans that have contributed to making High School Musical a world wide success, but hands up, I LOVE IT! Or maybe I love Zac Efron more and I envy Vanessa Hudgens! However, I am now more green than ever having just seen the recent photo shoot they did with their co-star Ashley Tisdale (jealous of her as she hangs out with Zac) for Elle magazine. But not only did this shoot fill me with jealously, it bought back great memories of the costumes in Grease, and how so many of todays fashions mirror that era. I feel so much more happier for buying my leather leggings and skirt now, as it's the way to go! Shame I can't afford the Gucci studded boots now to match, a girl can wish hey!

Thoughts, loving the Grease look or is it best left as a happy memory?

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Blue Hues!

In my opinion, the best way to dress down a girlie skirt and vest combination is to add a masculine touch with a blazer and Rachel shows us how to achieve this look perfectly. By adding the bowler hat she looks even more edgy, thumbs up AGAIN! I'm just waiting for this girl to get it wrong one day. Is Rachel Bilson one of your style icons?

Strapped for cash?

For those of you who's cash flow is severly being affected by the credit crunch lol, head down to as they've just added 700 new lines to the sale. I just visited my local store and picked up some bargains! Mischa Barton was recently spotted wearing the bandeau star print dress. I'll be wearing those sandals with pretty floral dresses.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Teen Choice Award Favourites!!!

Here are a few of my favourite outfits from the Teen Choice awards (in no particular order might I add). Who was dressed the best this year? I'm loving the colour of Blake Lively's dress.