Thursday, 31 July 2008

Going a bit too far?

I'm the first one to admit that I adore MK's style, however, recently I haven't been impressed at all and I'm starting to think she's taking this whole messy look a bit too far. These most recent pics make my thoughts even stronger. What are your thoughts? MK still a style icon or is Ashley the more fashion forwards one?

Rihanna rocks the Bandage Skirt!

Rihanna was seen out and about yesterday in NYC wearing this fab Herve Leger bandage skirt in an amazing cherry red colour. She kept it simple with a black vest. Shame she's got rid of her funky hair style, I'm not feeling this new style and the colour.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Purple fever!

My love for purple grows more and more everyday and having seen this Lanvin dress on Becki Newton, there is even more love for the colour. Seeing as I don't have oodles of cash to waste on the same dress here are two similar dresses. I personally prefer the purple one for its rich colour, but if the design of the dress is what you are after then the second one is great

Shame about the shoes!

Ri rocks this simple skirt and vest look by adding some punk rock jewellery, but I can't help but hate her shoes (even though I have a similar pair)! I get the look she's trying to achieve with them, but they aren't a good choice in my opinion. Well it's good to know that even the stars make mistakes. it just me, or does her polka dot skirt look like it is full of studs. Seeing as I have an obsession over studded clothes, I can't help dream of having a studded skirt! It reminds me of the Christian Louboutin boots that were so huge last winter. So here my hunt begins.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Lab coat anyone?

For months now, I have secreting been lustering over this Topshop White Boyfriend blazer, but haven't been able to justify to myself paying £60 for something that might be a short lived fad. However, when I saw it in the sale, I felt that with 50% off and the fact that I still wanted it after much contemplation, it would be a sound investment. I'm planning to pair it with my AA lame leggings (that I am yet to wear) and a plain black tee. Will let you know if it's any good or if I resemble a student that belongs in the Chemistry department at my uni.

GG takes over NYC

Whilst Blake and Penn attended the Dark Knight Premier last night in NYC, Leighton and other GG cast members were seen attending Longchamps 60th anniversary. Leighton looked uber sexy in a black body con number. I never get tired of seeing her amazing figure in tight tight dresses. Do you have the confidence to wear skin tight dresses?

The colour of the Dark Knight!

Last night, the premier of The Dark Knight took place and many young stars flocked out to see this much awaited film. All seemed to observe the dark nature of the film by dressing in black. Blake's outfit stood out to me as it had stud detailing which gave this black jumpsuit its wow factor. I love studs, so this is a thumbs up for me.

Will you be rocking studs once again this season?

Monday, 14 July 2008

The U.S. Rocks!

To all of you who live in the U.S. I can only say that I am extremely jealous of you, I want your life and if anybody wants to swap, contact me! Guys, I just had the best trip ever! Having been to New York 3 times previously, I didn't think the U.S. could get any better, but then I experienced the West Coast! Sun, Sea, Sand, what more do you need in life? Ohhh, I have post holiday blues :(.

On a happier note I did take advantage of the strong pound and purchased a few goodies. I love how Urban Outfitters is so cheap, so I always make sure I stock up on goodies from there. AA was an obvious stop and I managed to pick up some cool baby blue Wayferer RayBans.

But.....the highlight of my trip was bumping into Penn Badgley and Blake Lively walking through Soho. Having not seen any celebs in La La land, I was slightly dissapointed, but as fate would have it, I met my two favourite characters from GG, so all is good. I'll get back to regular posts now, I promise. Hope all are well. xoxo.