Saturday, 31 May 2008

Simplicity is the key!

The most important part of your wardrobe has to be the simple everday pieces such as t-shirts, jeans, vests and plain dresses. H&M have this fabulous body con dress, and for £9.99 its a steal. I have bought this in black/white (as shown in the picture) and red/navy. It looks great with a blazer or with a t-shirt on top. Wear it how you like, but go buy it before it sells out!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Conflict with the Bank Manager!

Whilst having a quick break from revision, and I came across these beauties! I want all three, but that brings the total to a huge £120! So I sit here contemplating whether to hit the 'Proceed to checkout' button and wait for my lovely new clothes to arrive, or wallow in my own self pity that Mr. HSBC won't increase my already huge over-draft. I thought that was the whole point of being a student??? Using your loan in the first few weeks, then relying heavily on the gift from the bank. Well, if Mr. HSBC is your uncle or dad or brother or any1 do let him know that I would love a letter through the door, titled 'Increase of overdraft has been sucessful'.

As I digress, I'm still back to the same question, shall I or shall I not buy these items. What do you think?

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Leather on Tree Trunks = obsession!

So I received my AA lame leggings in the post today and I am one happy customer. Yes I have have tree trunks for legs, but the smooth, velvety, shiny feel makes them irresistable. I can not part with these! Infact I may even buy some more!


So in my last post I explained that there was no time for bloggin due to the dreaded E word....yes exams. But, a girl can always find time to do a little bargain hunting on ebay, we all need a break don't we?

So last summer I saw this skirt in Topshop for £60, very glitzy, very glam, very unpractical, therefore, I did not purchase. But waahaay for ebay (oo that rhymes)! I just won the skirt for.....£3! If my calculations are correct that it is a discount of 95%. Get in!

I'll post some photos of it on when I get the chance!

Time is scarce!

My apologies for the lack of bloging....economics is taking over my life! But not to worry, in approx. 1 week I won't ever have to look at another economic book in my life yayyy! On the down side, I will no longer be a student. I can kiss good bye to my 10% discount at Topshop :(.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Leather look leggings...are they for u?

MK was out and about on her usual starbucks run in a casual but chic look. Only yesterday I ordered leather look leggings from American Apparel, having seen them on the likes of MKA, however, the difference between them and me is that their legs resemble my arms I'm not quite sure if leather will look good on tree trunks, but we can only hope. I will let you all know as soon as they arrive.

Carine Rotfield does Leopard print with a twist!

When I saw this picture of the editor of French Vogue a sense of jealousy fulfilled me. Not only do I envy her for her job, but for this amazing dress. I usually hate animal prints but in red Carine manages to make it look unique. One shoulder dresses are huge this season and will be next season too. The next purchase on your list I think! Her daughter looks cute in matchy outfits and love her YSL tribute heels. Very sexy looks.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Stars, Moons and all things CC!

Want her scarf! Want her wardrobe! And most importanly, I want her Chanel Star print scarf!

Swan like fashion...

Natalie Portman has been wearing some great outfits at Cannes this year, and this dress is by far the best. It reminds me of a chinese origami swan, can you see that too?

Bandeaus at Maxim Hot 100 Party

At this years Maxim Hot 100 Party bandeau dresses seemed to be on the agenda with Lauren Conrad, Audrina Partridge and Amanda Bynes wearing them. I love the colour of Audrina's Herve Leger dress, it looks great against her skin tone.

Red is cool!

After seeing this photo of Rose McGowan I just wish I was born with red hair! How amazing does she look, whoever says red heads are ugly needs to see this picture!

Get Mischas Look!

Mischa was spotted last night in this very 'London' look. A high waisted skirt with a simple plain tee accompanied with opaque black tights and a boyfriend blazer. This look is very easy to copy with this dress from American Apparel for only £28. I have this dress in purple and black.

Tell me, would you wear this look?

Hilary Duff sticks to all black too!

Hilary wears all black on a nigh out in L.A. Yesterday Rumer was seen wearing an all black ensemble. Seems these Hollywood starlets aren't ready to inject some summer colour into their wardrobe. Great simple look for a night out!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Rumer Willis all in black!

Everytime I see pictures of Rumer Willis, I am always surprised at how skinny she looks. This normal combo of bandeau top and jeans is given a funky twist with braces and high top converse. Easy to re-create, but only stick to this if you have a figure like Rumer, bulges and rolls are a no go area lol.

Topshop does Lanvin!

When looking at these pictures, it is hard to differentiate between the dresses. The dress on the left is by Lanvin and retails for over £1000, however the other two can be bought from Topshop for a mere £75. When a dress looks that great, £75 is small change!

Get running to Topshop before they sell out!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Kate Moss for Topshop Summer 08 Collection!

As a style icon and the face of Britain, I think Kate Moss is slightly over-rated, but despite that some of her collections for Topshop have been a girl's dream. Her summer 08 collection has arrived today and I can't get enough of it, i've already ordered so much from it!

My favourites from the collection are the Black Lace Dress, similar to the dress Mischa was wearing yesterday. The nautical stripe 50's dress which fits in very well with this seasons nautical theme and the red poppy print wrap dress.

Get clicking onto to browse the collection!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Mischa Barton in Black Lace!

This girl gets so much stick for her figure, but it looks anything but slim and slender to me! Which girl doesn't have a bit of cellulite and I'm sure there are millions who wouldn't mind having her figure. Mischa obviously knows that, and she rocked this LBD in London. I always love these lace dresses and the feather hem line makes the dress look that much more unique. Good choice girl!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Rachel Bilson does Aztec!

Rachel Bilson looks fantastic in this outfit! This would be great for the english summer and its very easy to recreate. Every highstreet store is stocking Aztec prints and high waisted skirts. Pop into H & M for funky vest tops, Urban Outfitters for a high waisted skirt and primark for simple, cheap sandals in all colours imaginable. 10/10 for this look!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Versace for £28!!!

From Versace to Gucci, Bubblegum Pink was everywhere on the catwalk this season. Why not combine two trends with this Versace one shouldered dress. However, if you can't afford a piece of Donatella, then why not head to Urban Outfitters and snap up this dress for £28 before it sells out. It may not be as great as the Versace dress, on the model it looks great. Dress it up with a few chunky bangles and your're ready to go.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Lauren paints the town red!

This look for Lauren is simple yet chic for a night out on the town. I like the added feather detail.

Are you ready to ditch the skinnies?

In the last few days, Posh has been attempting to promote her range of jeans, that frankly aren't doing too well on the sales front. She has been supporting major kick flare jeans, but I can't help but cringe when I see the photos of her. Jeans like these needs some curves, and Posh just doesn't have them. Her legs look scarily skinny in these jeans, someone give the girl some food. So I ask the question, are you ready to drop the skinnies and bring out those flares?

Lily....back to black please!

Lily Allen was at Cannes in this very unflattering dress, her blonde hair and slightly too much tan (fake or not)!

Having seen this picture, I'm begging Lily, please get rid of the blonde hair!

Eva Longoria at Cannes Film Festival!

Eva looks fabulous in a peacock feather mini dress and a new much needed hairstyle!

Thoughts on this look?

Where has the sun gone?

Seeing as th weather has taken a turn for the worst, and that warm spell we experienced last week is over, its time to bring out the blazers again until the next summer spell. Rachel Bilson has this transition look perfected. A simple LBD with a blazer will keep you warm in this rainy weather, whilst still showing of those tanned pins. Love those shoes, infact love the whole look.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Pink and Purple and all things Girlie!

Stars have been seeing pink and purple this week, its seems. Leighton, Lauren and Christina have all been seen rocking the colours. Well seeing as the sun is here, what a perfect way to compliment their summer tans. Will you be dropping the blacks/greys and channeling your inner girl?

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Look of the day...Mischa Barton

When I saw this look my heart started to beat extremely fast with excitement. Not only is Mischa back as one of the greatest style icons, but this look is just so different from the Hollywood norm that there's no reason why you wouldn't get excited. Well done Mischa! Shame it wouldn't look as good on me lol.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Something new!

I know I don't usually post anything to do with male fashion, but after seeing this photo of Adam Brody on the set of his new film, I feel that as this blog is designed to celebrate fashion, I should celebrate this well put together look. Its also nice to see Brody out of his usual polo shirt and cords.

Costume Institute Gala: Blake Lively

My fav girl Blake Lively does it again in this fab feathered number. The style of the dress suits her very slim and tall figure and I like that she's addes gloves to her look to give it a more 'rocker' feel. Does this girl every get it wrong?

Costume Institute Gala- Christina Ricci

Only two words to say about Ricci's dress.....Love it! Now this is what you call having fun with fashion! Her dress ticks all the right boxes for the event. Firstly, it is very Superhero, secondly, it is very fashion forward and thirdly, she looks amazing in it. I do think she could do with putting on some weight though, that lollipop head look isn't too great, but apart from that, I can't fault the girl.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Costume Institute Gala: Eva Longoria in Marchesa

For me this Marchesa dress didn't work well on Eva's tiny frame. The dress seemed to swap her and was slightly too poofy for her. I think she would have looked much better in a more streamlined dress such as the one worn by Kate Moss or a dress with a more prom shape to it such as the Dlce and Gabbana dress worn by Scarlett. I must give her credit for trying though, not an easy dress to carry.

Costume Institute Gala- Katie Holmes

When I first saw this dress, I was slightly bemused. Firstly, The length of the dress puzzled me, I never get why the stars wear dresses that fall just above the floor. In my opinion it lengthens the body in a bad way and makes you look slightly weird. Secondly, the blue shoes with the Red/Orange dress looked slightly too funky for Katie's usual style....then it clicked, it's the Superhero theme. The more I look at this dress, the more it grows on me, and good on Katie for stepping outside the box, it is the CIG after all.

MKA Olsen with Mr, Christian Louboutin

Mary-Kate looked very superhero in a gold sequin number with a huge slit up the thigh and those gold christian Louboutin (we wouldn't expect anything less when walking the Red Carpet with the master of shoes). Ashley kept it slightly more simple, but the detail cut out of her dress gave it that extra oomph that the event required. Both twins look a million dollar.
I must add Christian looked very super hero with his studded shoes and the 'BANG' badge on his lapel. Its nice to see that even the famous don't mind having fun dressing up.

Costume Institue Gala

The Costume Institue Gala is New York's event of the Year, where star's arrive and showcase the best of Couture. Some lucky stars even get to walk the red carpet with their favourite designer. This years theme was superheroes, so as you would expect, most of the dresses were out of this world, but some did suprisingly fail to impress.

Best dressed of the night - Mischa Barton

Worst Dressed of the night - Fergie (looking at the expression on the face, maybe she walked passed a mirror and realised she wasn't looking her best).

Friday, 2 May 2008

Alexander Wang...Create the Look

Recreate this summer look by Alexander Wang with items from Topshop. Pale denim is the item that everyone should incorporate into their wardrobe. Opt for these shorts rather than jeans, they will be much more suitable for the summer (if it ever arrives that is)!.

Warehouse channels Balenciaga...

This dress from warehouse is very Balenciaga. Retails for £100, get it before it goes!

My wish of the week brought to life....

Two weeks ago my 'Wish of the Week' was the elasticated shoes by Sergio Rossi. Well it seems they no longer need to be my wish now that Topshop have come out with this pair resembling the ones by Sergio Rossi very much, just a shame the colour isn't as bright or eye catching, but for £85, who can complain?

Wat do you think, do these Topshop Unique version compare to the original?

Dress of the week...

Talking about Balenciaga, I just had to show you all this dress. It is the perfect style, colour and shape, I love how this dress has been given some va va voom by the extra layering and detailing around the waist. Again this dress could be dressed up or down, depending on your mood. Perfect with Ballerina flats or CL black pumps. Now all I have to do is wait for a Primark copy to come my way haha.

Balenciaga on the high street.

If you love Balenciagas summer 08 collection as much as I do, then you will be happy to see all the floral dresses and tops on the highstreet. Some resemble the prints by this top designer and some don't even come close. But if you are really after some Balenciaga, why not try this corset from Topshop (I have the dress). Perfect for the summer, it can be dressed up with some jeans and heels or worn in the day with a pair of ripped shorts and wedges, you decide! Just look how similar the two are!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

MK at Chanel Party, Tribeca Film Festival!

MK looks slighlty more commerical in this outfit in comparison to her outrageous choices she usually makes. This look is a lot more wearable and very easy to recreate. If you don't want to be baring too much flesh, the best option is to go for a camisole under a chiffon blouse or an opaque top teamed with a tulip skirt and patterned tights. Throw on a boyfriend blazer and you're ready to go.

Blair Waldorf looking very Carrie Bradshaw

Leighton Meester on the sets of Gossip Girl looked very much like SJP on the sets of Sex and the City. Her mix of different florals looked very fashion forward and she carried it off brilliantly. Beware, this is a very difficult look to pull off without looking like you've raided your grandma's old chest. It is very to find similar dresses to this one in shops such as Topshop, Oasis and Warehouse. For those of you with a larger budget, Balengiaga's summer 08 collection has amazing floral dresses.